Hilton Garden Inn London Heathrow Airport – Vlog & Review

Join me on my first overnight trip away from home in well over a year as I take a weekend staycation at the Hilton Garden Inn London Heathrow Airport, a mid-tier airport hotel located at the Heathrow Airport perimeter with airport views, included breakfast, fast Wi-Fi and comfortable modern rooms. This video tours the room, shows the kinds of views you can enjoy of aircraft – including some of the British Airways service areas, takes a look at some of the hotel common areas and amenities which were available during the partial lockdown and shows what the included breakfast is like whilst buffet services are suspended.
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Drinks to Beverages: Ubuntu Cola

Things have gone horribly, horribly wrong in the latest Drinks to Beverages…Paul Douglas has been replaced by some kind of American Hipster-Hippie Variant of himself known only as “Expand-Your-Horizons-Paul”. A man who is trying a little TOO hard to stress his opposition to Pot, if you catch our drift…What is this weirdo up to? Reviewing Ubuntu. No, not the Operating System, the Fairtrade Cola. What does this clearly deranged and potentially dangerous freak make of it? Watch to find out.

Drinks to Beverages: Mixxed Up

Drinks to Beverages is back with the penultimate episode taped at the old Yaxley studio. Which is to say, the penultimate episode filmed before Paul Douglas moved into University Halls. Anyway, Paul’s made a visit to Lidl (for…Some reason) and picked up another awful-seeming ripoff drink. After the “adventure” of Freeway Iron Brew, what fresh hell awaits Paul in his can of Mixxed Up Stimulation Drink? Watch to find out.