Drinks to Beverages: 7Up Vs. Sprite

It’s a showdown! Paul Douglas returns with his innovative beverage reviews show “Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages”, and this time, there’s a fight…Our intrepid drinks critic seeks to find out which of the world’s two favourite lymon-flavoured beverages is better: Is it 7 Up or is it Sprite? Watch and find out!

Drinks to Beverages: Red Bull Cola

It’s time for more drink-related nonsense with another episode of Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages! This week, the fluid deemed fit for human consumption is Red Bull Cola…You can probably see where this is going. Watch in delight as Paul Douglas succumbs to the torment and terror known only as “Drinking Red Bull Cola”!

Drinks to Beverages: Lucozade Cherry

Paul Douglas is back with another Drink to Beverages! This time he takes on the newest member of the Lucozade family, Lucozade Cherry. What on earth will he make of this bizarre concept (Everyone knows the answer to “Which Lucozade flavour should I drink?” is “Orange”, and oranges are nothing like cherries)? Watch and find out!

Drinks to Beverages: Skinny Cola

Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages once again, this time taking on New Age cola-drink, Skinny Cola. Join Paul as he attempts to discern just what creators Bio Synergy had to do to Cola in order to make it a dietary aid. Surprisingly, it’s not magic. Unsurprisingly, the answer is disappointing.

Drinks to Beverages: Red Rooster

It’s the first in a new series as Paul Douglas indulges his well known passion for…Drinking things…In this exciting first episode of Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages, Paul takes on one of the many cheap knockoffs of Red Bull which have sprung up since the ubiquitous energy drink’s rise to popularity, Red Rooster…