TVBRO Week 6 29/10/12-4/11/12

We had two major areas to discuss this week. One was the continuing of the planning for the November 23 edition of CCi Live. The other was about choosing a Producer, and beginning to pitch ideas for, our “Commissioned Show”. This a separate show from CCi Live we are making later in the year, based on our own format and ideas. It requires a 20-minute pilot early in 2013, before producing a final 30-minute version for the Faculty’s end of year show.

The producer had to be someone who we could rely on to be around and available for the show at pretty much all times. It also can’t be either myself or Jodie Redwood, as I will be busy producing our third CCi Live which, while shorter than the others (At only 10 minutes), nonetheless airs the same day as the commissioned show pilot in January.

We decided Alex Hull, who had essentially taken up a third-in-command position on CCi Live and our TVTRANS outside broadcast (I am first and second in Command for these respectively, Jodie is the inverse) would be the best choice, and began pitching ideas for a format. My favourite idea for a format is a talk show, but I would want to present such a show, so that is something we’d have to consider later.

Other ideas we are floating include some kind of cooking show, or a talent competition of some sort. With the more pressing issue of producing the upcoming CCi Live episode, we decided t come back to the format question for the commissioned show later.

We decided to abandon the idea of theming the whole episode around charities, for much the same reason I had been concerned about the idea in the first place. We were having difficulty getting in touch withe enough suitable charities, so I opted instead to green light the show choir insert and keep up the efforts to arrange the charity inserts with those we had managed to contact in the meantime, but also opened the floor to suggestions for replacements.

In terms of the charity inserts we are carrying forward, we have contact with Rowan’s Hospice to film a dancing event they are arranging and the Student Union has cleared us to film events involved in their RAG Week initiative.

We considered an insert relating to the switch on of Christmas Lights in the city, which falls relatively in line with the timing of the episode. It’s unlikely we’ll carry this insert forward though as it sounds like there may be a clash with another group’s episode.