TVBRO Week 5 22/10/12-28/10/12

This was a relatively quiet week. After a couple of relatively intense weeks of producing and crewing for live shows, we needed to take a little time to regroup, re-energise and catch up on some other projects we needed to take care of. Nevertheless, we were mindful of the time issues we had run into on the first show, so we wanted to make sure we were up and running with our second show as early as possible.

So, on Friday, we met up to pitch ideas for content to cover in our next episode.

Initially, we discussed the possibility of shaping the episode around a theme, as this had been suggested as a preferred way of handling the show by some of the other producers. I’m a little uneasy about the idea, as I have concerns about shaping the whole show around a theme limiting us. My worry is mainly that if we do theme the show and one or two inserts fall through, the theme will prevent us from easily replacing them.

Nevertheless, I agreed we could explore the possibility, at least at first, and opened the floor to suggestions for a possible theme in the event that we did do it. We wound up settling on looking at charitable work as a possible theme. Most of the other ideas we had were related to seasons, events etc. but we believed none of them lined up terribly well with the scheduled air date of the episode (The 23rd of November).

In terms of inserts, we had ideas pitched for looking at a couple of charities which members of the group had contact with, as well as a look at the Student Unions RAG (Raising and Giving) week of fundraising activities. More broadly – outside of the suggested theme – we discussed the possibility of looking at the Show Choir in an insert, as one of the show choir’s members is a part of our group and so could get us in touch with the relevant people very easily to provide the needed access.

We resolved to meet again next week to continue our planning.

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