TVBRO Week 1 24/9/12-30/9/12

In our first meeting on Thursday, we began to plan the basics of how we’re going to put our first episode of CCi Live together. I was nominated to be the producer, so I set about organising our various ideas for content. One of the first ideas we had was to look at the open days around the Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries, but since we don’t yet know when these would be taking place, we shelved the idea for the time being.

Since I know some Students from other Schools & course within the faculty, I suggested a showcase of work from photography or architecture Students (For example). We agreed this would be one of our inserts since it would appeal to a relatively broad section of the CCi Channel audience and I volunteered to get in touch with my contacts to see if the had anything they’d be interested in showcasing.

Our other insert idea is to interview Mark Sexton, the leader of a new course at the Faculty – BSc (Hons) Computing & Digital Sound -about the course, as a way of promoting it and introducing it to the rest of the Faculty’s students.

I also requested to be one of the show’s two presenters as I have experience presenting and am aiming to develop in this role, since it is my chosen career path. I am also presenting on the CCi Live immediately before ours, airing on the 5th of October.

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