Weekly Vlog: February 1-7, 2021

I start testing out my DJI Pocket 2 with my first weekly Vlog, which also covers my two new pairs of Converse Sneakers (90s Style Pro Leathers and G4s), my thoughts on the news of Google shutting down its internal game development studios for their Stadia Game Streaming platform, plus my reaction to Super Bowl XV as I battle through the Snow in my first of two stints of 7 night shifts on the bounce in February.
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Building The Olympics

2012 Olympics

The videos produced by Distinct Productions, as part of the University of Portsmouth’s Television & Broadcasting Course for the Module “Video Industry & Television Studies”. Production Credit goes to Daniel Schultz, Reanne Bull, Ellen Sharkey, Lewis Avarillo-Singh & Paul Douglas, who were executive produced by Charlie Watts and Lou Appleby (Within the University) and Dave Batcock from the BBC. This project was created for and screened as part of the BBC Big Screen Project.