Building The Olympics

2012 Olympics

The videos produced by Distinct Productions, as part of the University of Portsmouth’s Television & Broadcasting Course for the Module “Video Industry & Television Studies”. Production Credit goes to Daniel Schultz, Reanne Bull, Ellen Sharkey, Lewis Avarillo-Singh & Paul Douglas, who were executive produced by Charlie Watts and Lou Appleby (Within the University) and Dave Batcock from the BBC. This project was created for and screened as part of the BBC Big Screen Project.

Drinks to Beverages: Mixxed Up

Drinks to Beverages is back with the penultimate episode taped at the old Yaxley studio. Which is to say, the penultimate episode filmed before Paul Douglas moved into University Halls. Anyway, Paul’s made a visit to Lidl (for…Some reason) and picked up another awful-seeming ripoff drink. After the “adventure” of Freeway Iron Brew, what fresh hell awaits Paul in his can of Mixxed Up Stimulation Drink? Watch to find out.

Drinks to Beverages: Powerade Mountain Berry Blast

It’s a Mountain Berry Blast as Paul Douglas takes on Coca-Cola’s Gatorade rival, Powerade. Join our intrepid sometimes-comedian and drinks fanatic as he attempts to discover if Powerade Mountain berry Blast is especially tasty, if it really helps your sporting prowess and whether or not he can use it to drown himself – no, sort of, like, really.

Drinks to Beverages: Lucozade Cherry

Paul Douglas is back with another Drink to Beverages! This time he takes on the newest member of the Lucozade family, Lucozade Cherry. What on earth will he make of this bizarre concept (Everyone knows the answer to “Which Lucozade flavour should I drink?” is “Orange”, and oranges are nothing like cherries)? Watch and find out!