Reputable with Paul Douglas

This is me, in the opening titles for Reputable, a talk show I hosted

A Talk Show about Portsmouth Facts produced by VIDITS Group D of the 2010/2011 Television and Broadcasting BSc (Hons) Degree Programme at the University of Portsmouth. Credits to Paul Douglas, Richard White, Lucas Holzhauer, Laura Fell, Jodie Redwood, Sophie Hunt, Matthew Eldridge, Darren Johnson, Natalie Simpson, Charlie Amber and Liam Smith. This is the show which brought the members of Professionally Stupid together for the first time.

AS Media Studies Prelim. Task

This is the Preliminary Task we had to produce for our AS Level Media Studies Production Coursework. The brief was someone entering a room, sitting across from another character and then having a brief conversation with them. Other than that, we had total creative freedom. Our interpretation is (Very) loosely based on a drug deal.