The Morning Show S1E1 Review

How do you make a TV Show about making a TV Show even more self-serious than Aaron Sorkin did?

Somehow, Apple found a way.

Say what you like about Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and The Newsroom. The fact is, for all these shows could struggle against the sense that Sorkin was taking things far more seriously than the stories they were telling justified (Particularly Studio 60 with its heavy handed post-9/11ism and The Newsroom with its anvilicious – albeit justified – skewering of the modern news media), Sorkin at least understood that Television is supposed to be fun and the shows about it should be too. Continue reading

Disney Cruise & Walt Disney World Trip Vlog: #OneMoreDisneyDay (#TropicWonder2019)

#TropicWonder2019, my trip to Florida for a 3-night Bahamian Disney Cruise concludes with #OneMoreDisneyDay at the Magic Kingdom! Featuring a look at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party Parade, Great Moments in American History with the Muppets, dinner at Chef Mickey’s and so much more!
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