#MouseParty Disneyland Paris Trip Vlog

All the videos in my Trip Vlog series for my trip to Disneyland Paris for the #MouseParty #Mickey90 Annual Pass Party

Mickey’s Christmas Big Band

Mickey’s Christmas Big Band is the highlight of the Disneyland Paris Christmas season & is arguably the resort’s – if not the entire Disney Parks chain’s – best entertainment offering. Enjoy it in full here, in 4K!

Disneyland Paris Incredible New Year’s Eve Party Parade 31/12/2018

Disney’s Incredible New Year Parade from Disneyland Paris’s hard ticketed New Year Party on New Year’s Eve 2018, featuring virtually every working parade float in Disneyland Paris at the time and a parade music mega mix soundtrack, plus characters including Mickey Mouse, Moana, Oswald, Ortensia, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Lightning McQueen & more.